AgroRTK - the best solution for precision farming

Experts say:

АgroRTK Network

We have established more than 120 permanent reference base stations and combined them into System.NET network.

The server sends the RTK corrections for the tractor receiver for the GSM network that allows you to achieve accuracy up to 2 cm in the implementation of agro-technical works anywhere in Ukraine.

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How to connect to RTK networks?

For connection to RTK networks, you must subscribe to the Agro RTK package and also to have some equipment…

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Scheme of the RTK system: direction of the exchange of information between the main components.

Equipment that is installed on farm machinery.

GNSS Leica AR10 antenna with integrated protective cover and a protective screen.

GLONASS\GPS receiver Leica GR10

How to configure a connection to RTK networks?

To connect the modem to the network System.NET and get accurate RTK-corrections, it is necessary comply with its pre-settings

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New Tariffs from 1 January 2017

Dear users of our network!
We are pleased to note the cooperation with you and we look forward to a successful expansion.
We inform you that from 01.01.2017, the service plans to package AgroRTK change.
See new network prices in the "Services".

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We entered the 13 best IT solutions for agribusiness

Recently, within the framework of the XXVIII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2016" held in the Expocenter of Ukraine, hosted a forum of high agricultural technologies AgTech Forum ..

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